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About me

I design and make ceramic homeware from my small home studio in rural Perthshire.

Most of my work is wheel thrown or slip cast in handmade plaster moulds.  Each piece is hand decorated in simple patterns, either using a slip trailer or stamps which are 3d modelled and 3d printed.

I take inspiration from the mountains and nature for the decorative patterns,  particularly Scottish and Alpine landscapes.  

My current range includes mugs, jugs, bowls, vases, bathroom accessories and whisky sets.



I mix traditional pottery tools and skills with digital tools, a 3d printer has become an essential part of my studio.  I use it to prints stamps which I design and 3d model along with tools and dies for handles.

I work mainly in stoneware clay, firing in an electric kiln.



I have a home studio in rural Perthshire where all my work is made and fired.

An electric wheel, 2 electric kilns and a 3d printer are my main equipment.

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